Play Hunting Games Online

Play Hunting Games Online

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Free Hunting Games Brings you free hunting games to play online. if you ever got hooked on duck hunt back in the day, you will love these games, including that classic NES hunting game ported into flash flawlessly. Try the other games too, they are pretty much new iterations of the same idea.

Play Wild Boar Hunter

Wild Boar Hunter is a hunting game where you basically shoot at boar running across the screen, a headshot is a 1 hit kill and it takes 3 normal shots. Dont let any boar get across the screen to the other side, you can only let 5 get through before you lose, and as you level up more boar come faster. See how high a score you can get in this fun hunting game.

Play Duck Hunt

Duck Hunt is a calssic game originally created for the nes. the ducks fly around the screen and you must shoot them, aiming with the mouse. This is one of the all time classic hunting games, possible the original, so make sure to check it out.
Play Balloon Hunter

Baloon Hunter is a game where you watch balloons as the float up and try to hit them with a bowman. It is pretty difficult, so take your time to line up the shot as well as possible. Although it is not a typical hunting game, balloon hunter has the element of shooting something at a target, so it can be just as fun

Play Deer Hunt

Deer Hunt is a similar game to wild boar hunter, you must shoot the dear as they go across the screen. However, you can let as many by as you want without losing in deer hunt, but you will want to kill as many as possible for the highest score.
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